Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Summary Article One

Jan 28, 2010
ED 505 Enabling an Accessible Web 2.0
Summary Article One

As Technology is advancing people are implementing new ways of doing things. The internet has paved the way for inexpensive communication options and people of all races, and backgrounds want to be a part of this new communication channel. People with disabilities can now join in with abled-bodied citizen to accomplish dreams that they thought were otherwise impossible. Most disabled people cannot go out and look for jobs, grocery shop, etc. With the help of various brilliant minds, disabled or mentally challenged citizen are now able to function efficiently as healthy able-bodied people.


The article and video introduces various possibilities for the enhancement of Web 2.0technology. The World Wide Web is constantly changing because if it remains the same, people will become bored with business as usual. In order to compete efficiently, small, medium, and large firms must constantly upgrade software and searching capabilities on a regular basis. The internet is a very addictive and powerful tool, and it can be used in many positive ways. Web 2.0 has brought joy and hopes too many people that are gifted and disabled. It is a valuable application that will remain enforce for many generations to come.

Thought provoking questions:

What will be the next new and advanced technology? What brilliant mind(s) will create it?

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