Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Summary Article Two

February 11, 2010
ED 505 A Wider World Youth, Privacy, and Social Networking Technologies

Summary of Article

Social Networking is a very fun and challenging way of interacting with friends and family. However, networking has both positive and negative consequences for users. Privacy is very hard to maintain, especially on huge sites such as MySpace and facebook. It is almost impossible to protect children, adults, or private information on insecure or secured sites. There are always hackers and predators lurking in cyberspace searching for that perfect prey(s) to attack.


The video and article are very helpful in that the authors break down key elements in protecting one’s privacy. The video is the most interesting and comprehensible because the author really knows what he is talking about and I can tell that he really did his “homework” on the topic. And I am sure that he has had firsthand experience with privacy and ethical issues. Adults and children don’t realize how valuable their personal information is. I had no idea until recently that employers search or Google potential employees before and after the hiring process. We must keep in mind that a few minutes of fun and games isn’t worth ruining our reputation and career.

Thought provoking question:

Is it possible to successfully protect one’s privacy?

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